About Me.

I try to understand the reality and find my place in it.

visual artist

Born in 1971 in Torun, Poland, I live and work in Cracow.
In 1996, I graduated from  the Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, the Faculty of Fine Arts in professor Maciej Szankowski’s studio. Since 2010 I have been working at the Faculty of Art at the Pedagogical University in Cracow.

Grant holder of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2008, awarded at the 7th International Arte Laguna Prize, Venice with Special Prize by Art Gallery “Amy-D Arte Spazio”, 2013.  Artist in ASO – art residency, Japan – 2018.

I specialise in installations, site specific projects and environment; I also make spatial objects, video. I often use sound. In my practice, I am interested in the possibilities of cognising, sensing, and naming reality.

I am a sculptor. The experience of space is importance to me.  By the means of art I try to understand the nature and myself: me as the inherent element of the nature. I do realise that the cognition will never be final. But, when I create spaces I try to find some constant points of reference and a rule. The reality is a source of inspiration for me. I perceive it intuitively and sensually.   

Creating my spatial models I try to create a physically and mentally consistent unity which may contain some particle of information about the world. The aim is to create a certain reality model parallel, based on the universal rules, clear to viewers. I try to find the most proper means of expression of idea in order to create “a place” of a stronger emotional, sensual and semantic colouring. In the progress of work I try to eliminate all that could disturb proper reception. I attempt to leave only the necessary points which give the possibility of recognizing anything, but at the same time they don’t offer clear answers. Usually I work on my realizations on two ways: I build new spaces or fit into already found specific place. The essential element of my works, which is necessary to the proper reception, is time – connected to the site inseparably. Very often I use such elements as light and sound. In this way I try to create some logic completness.