2007, exhibition with Andrzej Wasilewski, XXI Gallery, Warsaw

Time and inseparable with it space, this unchanging density ( continuum), with continuous motion, pulsates with the rhytm of life creating its tissue. Time curves express space and Euclidean pependiculars and horizontals update this time. The more distinctive, evocative and real is space, the more dense and motionless becomes time. In the isolated space each event is the sensed intensively materialized counterpoint. The polyphony of sound, pictures and events makes us wait as if suspended in the elusive here and now between the breath of past and future…

To be continued.

What is our impact on its picture?




The huge surface of windows taped with white foil has been reduced to small clearings of dates, hours, numbers…

Sprinkled chaotically onto the Euclidan surface they evoke important ones.

They mark the elusive time on the straight line as if they were counterpoints. They let us think about past.








Two columns ( used as the architecture element) pulsating rhytmically with the unsynchronized light like a breath. They create an illusion as if they were contracting and inflating and the ceiling seems to go up and down. Between inhalation and exhalation I am trying to seize the elusive present time.








Four mirror walls of a small room reflect the viewer and its own interior ad infinitum. The luminous ceiling lights up and grows dim slowly as calm breath. Together with the growing light the room expands and multiplies in an infinitive sequence of rooms. The viewer also comes under the multiplied mirror reflections.