game over, game over#2

2018 - solo exhibition, MOS, Gorzow Wielkopolski, 2019 - solo exhibition, Amy d arte spazio gallery, Milano

In many ways we are all getting tired and disheartened due to everyday political oppressive intensity. However, what I find really worrying is legitimized aggressiveness, racism and fascistic nationalism used quite freely by our populistic authorities.

The famous lyrics from Bob Fosse’s Cabaret’s song Tomorrow belongs to me reflect the atmosphere of Germany in the nineteen-thirties. But, horror of horrors, they seem to be accurate again! Is it because we all lack memory, knowledge or experience? Or maybe the long period of relative peace made us feel secure forever?

There are more and more nationalistic symbols in political life. You can see them in the media, in Internet, in my project and they are all blending with each other, creating completely new forms, which do not remind of the original shapes. As if they were some pools of old engine oil. And it is this toxic liquid which reflects both us and our surroundings using its ideal but deceiving mirror coating.

Are we responsible for this global political anxiety or are we the victims of it?

Can art influence contemporary world in any way?

Can it change our mentality and make us less indifferent, less focused on everyday comfortable life? All those safe daily routines and blind faith that nothing bad will ever happen again?

I keep thinking that way recently. And I wonder what I can do.

The game over project is my new idée fixe, my attempt to wake people up from dementia and to draw their attention to recurring dangerous events.

Or maybe, as a consequence it is possible to give up weapons and convert negative things around into something positive?

I made the project in 2018 and presented it in June in MOS gallery in Gorzów Wielkopolski. In Milan (2019) I added two new elements: two neon signs On and OFF to underline our attitude towards aggressive trends. We could either participate in this or not. This is our choice.