2003, group exhibition, Genius loci, storage space “Merinotex” S.A., Torun

The project realization IM POSSIBLE (two productions) is an attempt to evoke the lost human in the strange, unfriendly and hostile space. This is a situation in which a human being feels all at sea, losing firm points of security.

When the stable vision is distorted and raises doubts, we become unsure and helpless in the face of the unknown.

If these feelings intensify, we feel as if the gravity stopped working.

This physically impossible space, thanks to the illusion, has a chance to exist.

The space of mind, though it is elusive and hard to define, is very often much more suggestive from the real one.

While constructing the IM POSSIBLE space I wonder: maybe it is the most possible space?

The walls of a small white room were covered with ultramarine lines in such a way so that the viewer could not keep the balance.

By the use of the interior’s character, I achieved the suggestive illusion of the impossible(?) room, which lacks, characteristic for the architecture, vertical and horizontal lines.






Ultramarine lines of window frames go onto the walls towards our direction inconsistently ( two perspectives). The impression of twisting space escalates by the sight of swaying trees outside the windows.

















In the desolate storage floor of the former Merinotex factory I found a room with ventilation machines in the ceiling. They were wrapped up in a thick heavy fabric and looked like a one huge “parcel”. To enhance the impression of contrariness of the room I painted walls and floor white. The borders of white paint were measured by size of this big “parcel”. In this case I tried to achieve the impression of the space impossibility not by the geometry but by exchanging the weights.