2008, group exhibition - The antipodes of the main, Manhattan Gallery, Lodz

The project realization IM_POSSIBLE#2 is an attempt to evoke the lost human in the strange, unfriendly and hostile space. This is a situation in which a human being feels all at sea, losing firm points of security.

When the stable vision is distorted and raises doubts, we become unsure and helpless in the face of the unknown.

If these feelings intensify, we feel as if the gravity stopped working.

This physically impossible space, thanks to the illusion, has a chance to exist.

The space of mind, though it is elusive and hard to define, is very often much more suggestive from the real one.

While constructing the IM_POSSIBLE#2 space I wonder: maybe it is the most possible space?


The project realization at Manhattan Gallery  I modified a bit in order to stress the feeling of levitation in a viewer standing in the room.

The room was darkened and the drawing was visible thanks to the luminescent paint. From time to time the light in the room was switched on for a while to ‘recharge’ the luminescent paint. At the same time the true character of the room was discovered.