2018, Artist in Aso - residency, Street Art-plex KUMAMOTO(ストリートアートプレックス熊本) Japan, performance - interconnection

I have read about a tradition of creating strong social bounds on Okinawa, Japan, which helps in every day life. In big cities it is harder to set social bounds, but the consciousnes of being in a group, the affiliation to it and cooperation are still characteristic to the society.

It is not the individualism but the group and efficacy which represent all the action.

My performance on the streets of Kumamoto stands for a kind of metaphor of people’s interrelations.

The group of newfound friends from Aso artist residence, some artists and casual passerssby were stopped by me and joined with a delicate strand. The strand became a linear graph joining the group for a moment. It visualised interrelations and connections. The performance finished with the symbolic freeing of people from the visual relation and the net of strands, which was left on the street, became nothing but chaotic drawing of abstract lines.



Maria Wasilewska – originator, performer

Agata Kadenacy – performer

Yoshiori Anai – documentary photographer

friends, artists, anonymous bystanders