2012, exhibition with Andrzej Wasilewski, BGSW, Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art, Witches Tower, Slupsk

Loop is an attempt of evoking repeated situations relating to space and time.

In this audio and video installation I used two levels of the historic Witches Tower in Slupsk.

On the ground floor the audio installation was placed. On the walls 10 loud speakers were hanged, from which the sound recorded out of the gallery was coming (the city noise, bells ringing, singing of birds, traffic, chats of the passer-byes). This sound was looped and spread out from one loudspeaker to another in the whole room. The place was in semi-darkness. The floor was made softer with foam-rubber and the fitted carpet.

On the first floor of the gallery the looped projection of the sky was screened along the wall. It had been recorded earlier for 24 hours and for the sake of presentation sped up relatively, and it was mirrored .