2018, Artist in Aso - residency, final exhibition, Kumamoto, Japan, 2019 – Erupts without warning, exhibition with Agata Kadenacy after artistic residency in Aso, Sklad Solny gallery, Krakow

I was trying to find a simple sign, which would let me join my fascination with Japanese culture, its aesthetics with absolutely remarkable nature of the volcanic region of Aso.

Using the Nango-hi wood I made spacial objects, which were later preserved by the old Japanese wood burning technique.

Nango-hi is a unique variety of Japanese cypress tree, which grows only in the Aso region in Kumamoto prefecture, in Japan, thanks to the unsusal environment conditions. It was grafted and its history reaches 500 years. It is considered holy and serves as a building material for temples. It is processed very easily and it has a beautiful scented flavour which I experienced myself while working.