2000, 2001, solo exhibitions, Aleksandra Laska's gallery, Łazienki Park, Warsaw and Galeria nad Wisla, Torun

~pvp (read „not p or p”) it is a formula taken from the classical logic. It served me as the schema for my reasoning on the possibilities of understanding reality. It is a cliche out of which we get to know nothing about “p” but it is not False. The sculptures from these series reflect my searches for a form based on the logical rules but at the same a form which is questioned. Simultaneously I wanted the form devoid of imposing its aesthetic and functioning beyond the aesthetics. The field of my researches I narrowed to the part of some existing reality, a well – know to us every day form – a pillow.





In the small classic building built on the rectangular layout there is a huge mirrow reflecting the landscape outside on the opposite wall to the open door. On the mirrow –door axis I put four sculptures ( together with the mirrow reflection there are eight sculptures, wich join the winter landscape, the real one and that reflected in the mirrow, at first sight there is no difference beetwen them).









The sculptures from the ~pvp series.














~pvp – the interior of the white room, the cube from which all the side walls together with the ceiling and floor have no perpendiculars and are not levelled. From the corners of the walls, which are not joined, there comes in the blue ray of the unreal light.