sun on a black sand beach

2016, group exhibition - 6 reasons for the shade, land art, Playa de Las Gaviotas, Tenerife


The black sand volcanic beach is adjacent to the second one, filled with golden sand shipped from Sahara Desert. There is something provoking in their proximity. I have decided to build a golden sand circle on the black beach. It is through this simple action that contrast between blackness/shadow of sand and lightness of the circle is highlighted.

I wonder what the light and shadow are in the context of volcanic character of the island. Volcanoes are infamous for their ability to destroy and inspire fear, yet at the same time they are fascinating and capable of stimulating imagination.

Indigenous Indians believed that lava connects with magical energy of Mother Earth.

The Guanches, original inhabitants of Canary Islands, held a belief that light/Sun had been once trapped in a volcano.

Black sand seems to suggest that energy may be hidden in shadow.