the rest is silence

2012, solo exhibition, Sklad Solny Gallery, Krakow 2013, group exhibition - 7th International Arte Laguna Prize, Arsenale of Venice, the Special Prize Art Gallery "Amy-D Arte Spazio"

About 300 steel, empty inside balls (the diameter of 9cm) with shining surfaces were hung in the gallery just over the floor. A viewer, who comes in the space of balls, moves them and makes them hit one another. The balls move throughout their trajectories. At first they move very nervously and later more and more quietly and slowly till they stop completely in silence, unless they are moved again. The metal balls make a dull sound.

The installation is accompanied, beside the sound created by the hitting balls (‘bells’), by the previously recorded sound. It makes a background sound but at the same time it is some kind of echo to the real sound made by the balls at the very moment.

The sounds overlap with one another creating an accidental cacophony.


The rest is silence.